Youth Baseball Camps

SINCE 1999

Weather/Camp Updates: Please Click Here on the day of your camp for all weather and camp updates. If there is no information posted, camp will be held as scheduled. If you are experiencing inclement weather, please continue to check back.

Save up to $100 during Early Registration!

Save up to $100 during Early Registration!

(866) 622-4487 

Monthly Payment Options

Monthly Payment Options

U.S. Baseball Academy offers full customizable payment options to suit any need. Make payment weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly until your payment is complete. We can use your credit card or PayPal account for payments to come out automatically.

Here are a few sample options.

Sample USBA Spring Training Payment Plan Options


One skill


3-payment plan (no fee):
P1-$25   P2-$57   P3-$57

4-payment plan ($12.50/fee)
P1-$25  P2-$42.17   P3-$42.17  P4-$42.17

Two skills

3-payment plan (no fee): 

P1-$25   P2-$106.50   P3-$106.50

4-payment plan ($15/fee):

P1-$25   P2-$76   P3-$76   P4-$76


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