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Winter Baseball Camps Centreville/Tuscaloosa,

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Winter Baseball Camps Centreville/Tuscaloosa, Baseball Instruction Centreville/Tuscaloosa

Youth Baseball Equipment Centreville/Tuscaloosa, travel baseball Centreville/Tuscaloosa

January 16, 2013, Centreville, Alabama –Youth players looking to get a jump on the competition can sign up for U.S. Baseball Academy.   These winter training camps help players start their seasons in mid-season form.  Sessions are offered that focus on swing mechanics, pitching techniques, fielding skills and catching. Spring Training camps are run by some of the best local coaches in your area. These offseason training sessions are hosted locally at Bibb County High School.   Since its inception in 1989, U.S. Baseball Academy has been preparing players for their season while others are gathering winter rust.  Nearly 22,000 players took advantage of these offseason training sessions in 2013.   Players of all ages and abilities are eligible for sessions starting in December and January. Use our Triple Play discount and save $60 on 3 skills. Each clinic is tailored for travel teams, senior leagues, high school and serious little league players in the Centreville/Tuscaloosa area.

Sessions in hitting, fielding, baserunning, catching and pitching are offered for players in grades 1-12.  Whether you are on a travel team or high school team already or aspire to be on one, start your spring in mid-season form by attending our six week camp. 

 To get more details about the camps at Bibb County High School, visit

Spots are filling up as we approach the first camp date.  Don’t wait to register.    You can register now and pay within 14 days or before the first day of camp to hold your spot. Space is limited by a low player-coach ratio. Instruction is available in hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning and catching. Pre-registration is required. More than 20,000 players participated in the most recent program.  

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