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Monthly Payment Options

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Monthly Payment Options

U.S. Baseball Academy is offering three affordable payment options to help your player attend this year’s camp. If you are registered for one skill or two skills, you can choose our 3-payment option or 4-payment option. The 3-payment plan is completely free to use, while LONGER PLANS INCLUDE A SMALL PROCESSING FEE.

If you are registered for three skills, you can ALSO select our 6-payment plan.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for your U.S. Baseball Academy session on-line. During the registration process, directly after entering your email address, enter “Payment Plan” into the “Referral Code” field. Click here to go to our schedule page and register.
  2. Contact Nathan Kane at to make your first payment and complete your enrollment.

To register, click here to go directly to the U.S. Baseball Academy schedule page.

USBA Spring Training Payment Plan Options


One skill

3-payment plan:

P1-$50   P2-$50   P3-$39

4-payment plan  

P1-$35 + $3   P2-$35 + $3   P3-$35 + $3   P4-$34 + $3

Two skills   

3-payment plan: 

P1-$80   P2-$80   P3-$78

4-payment plan:

P1-$60 + $3   P2-$60 + $3   P3-$60 + $3   P4-$58 + $3

Three skills

3-payment plan:

P1-$99   P2-$99   P3-$99

4-payment plan:

P1-$75 + $3   P2-$75 + $3   P3-$75 + $3   P4-$72 + $3

6-payment plan:

P1-$50 + $3   P2-$50 + $3   P3-$50 + $3

P4-$50 + $3   P5-$50 + $3   P6-$47 + $3

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